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No Matter the Season

Your cemetery counselors are trained to assist you in making the proper selection from the many burial options that are available to you. We encourage families to pre-plan their cemetery arrangements to eliminate that burden from loved ones at a time of tremendous grief. When death does occur and pre-planning was not done, we have counselors to help you.

We offer a wide variety of above-ground and in-ground burial options. The following descriptions offer general information. Please call our office at (615) 256-4590 or contact us online to speak with one of our counselors.

Above Ground Burial Options

This prestigious form of burial, once afforded to only the very wealthy, has become competitive with, if not less than, traditional in-ground burial. With a mausoleum you eliminate the cost of a burial vault. Also, you eliminate the cost of a monument or marker as the face plate serves as your memorial. Calvary Cemetery feature crypts for full-body burial and Columbarium Niches for cremated remains.

Below Ground Burial Options

Traditional in-ground burial lots available in single graves, double graves, monument grave lot,
or estate lots (12 graves).


The Diocese of Nashville


If not now, when?

A cemetery study reveals that most purchases of burial places are made at the time of the death by a spouse or child. Calvary Cemetery offer ways to make things easier and more compassionate so that you can plan now, together with your loved ones, so they don’t have to have the added burden upon your death.

It will never be easier.

Prearranging your family’s cemetery needs is easy and affordable through Calvary Cemetery. Pre-planning avoids the confusion and pressure that are often present when a death occurs in the family. You will avoid additional costs and hardships that can exist at the time of death.

It will never be more affordable.

Our prices are competitive and reasonable. An interest-free payment plan can be tailored to your specific needs through pre-planning.

Who may be buried?

Calvary Cemetery is generally limited to the burial of Catholics on the basis that the existence of sharing a common belief and the same community of faith. However, all family members may be buried together, with their Christian relatives, regardless of faith.