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There are over 50 things you must do on the most difficult day of your life: Pre-Planning Can Eliminate Most of These

At Calvary Cemetery, we encourage families to consider pre-arrangement of their cemetery needs. Just as preparing a Will is a kind and responsible act, arranging for your final resting place is equally wise and compassionate. Many of our families are surprised to learn how many advantages pre-arrangement actually provide.

It’s easier for everyone when you plan ahead for a Christians Cemetery

A Pre-Planning counselor is available to arrange a convenient time to meet with you and educate you on all your cemetery options, including cremation. You can then make informed decisions on what you wish to do. Call our office at 615-256-4590 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.

Pre-Planning is -

Sitting down with a Calvary Cemetery counselor and making your cemetery and funeral arrangements prior to your death.

Allowing your wishes to be known, eliminating an incredible burden on your loved ones during the very stressful and painful hours after your death.

A concrete sign of your love for surviving family members.

How do I Pre-Plan?

There is no obligation or pressure for you to purchase anything. This is an educational program sponsored by Calvary Cemetery of Nashville in the State of Tennessee.

You will receive absolutely FREE  a guide to assist you in pre-planning cemetery arrangements.

Purchasing now locks in price.

Pre-arrangement protects you from future price increases.

As sudden death can cause a financial burden for an already grieving family.

Know that your loved ones will never be forced to worry about payment while dealing with their loss.

Wider choice of cemetery locations.

As time goes on, fewer spaces will be available from which to choose.

Large family plots can be difficult to find as spaces are purchased by other families.

Enjoy peace of mind.

No worrying about how your family will cope with these difficult decisions without your input.

Pre-Arrangement: An Act of Love from The Living to The Living

What services are available through Calvary Cemetery?

A full service cemetery - Calvary Cemetery offers services designed to fit individual and family needs and financial circumstance.

In-ground burial - interment in a traditional grave space remains the most widely used form of burial. Granite markers and upright monuments are permitted at Calvary Cemetery.

Above ground mausoleum entombment- entombment in an above ground mausoleum crypt is an attractive and affordable option to in-ground burial. Calvary Cemetery offers mausoleum entombment.

Cremation burial- Cremation is acceptable. Calvary has recently added a beautiful Columbarium cremation garden.

Purchase agreements are available in many forms. Cemetery property must be paid in full at time of need or our staff can work with you to develop an interest-free plan when the property is purchased in advance.




If not now, when?

A cemetery study reveals that most purchases of burial places are made at the time of the death by a spouse or child. Calvary Cemetery offer ways to make things easier and more compassionate so that you can plan now, together with your loved ones, so they don’t have to have the added burden upon your death.

It will never be easier.

Prearranging your family’s cemetery needs is easy and affordable through Calvary Cemetery. Pre-planning avoids the confusion and pressures that are often present when a death occurs in the family. You will avoid additional costs and hardships that can exist at the time of death.

It will never be more affordable.

Today’s prices, at Calvary Cemetery, are competitive and reasonable. An interest-free payment plan can be tailored to your special needs through pre-planning.

Who may be buried?

Calvary Cemetery is generally limited to the burial of both Catholics and Christians on the basis that the existence of a Christians burial place implies a sharing of a common belief and the same community of faith. However, all family members may be buried together, regardless of faith.