Frequently Asked Questions
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► Do you have to be a Catholic to be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

No. People of all faiths are welcome in our cemeteries.

► If I am divorced and remarried can I be buried in a Catholic Cemetery- or if a person commits suicide, can he or she be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

Yes on both counts. For more information, please contact your parish priest.

► What is cremation?

Cremation is the reduction of the body of a deceased person to recoverable bone fragments through a process which combines intense heat and evaporation. The fragments are then collected and referred to as “cremated remains” or “ashes.”

► Is Cremation allowed for Catholics and can ashes be interred in the cemetery?

Yes, on both counts. In 1963, the Catholic Church modified its longstanding general prohibition of cremation as a burial option. Ashes can be interred in an urn site (ground) or a niche (wall). In addition, a single set of ashes can be added to an existing grave or crypt through the purchase of a second burial right.

► Is there any chance my grave will be resold after a specified number of years?

No. The purchaser has an exclusive and permanent right of use through an easement conveyed by the cemetery.

► What kind of monument may I purchase?

Monuments must conform to the regulations that govern the different parts of the cemetery.

► Do I have to pay a monthly maintenance fee?

No. A one time Endowment Care Fee is charged at the time you purchase a grave, crypt or niche. The money is placed in a perpetual care fund. The proceeds of this fund are used to cover future maintenance costs throughout the cemetery.

► How do I pay for burial arrangements?

At this time we have two payment options Cash or Check and terms to help you remain within your personal budget. Interest-free payment terms may be arranged with a down payment at the time of purchase.

► Does the cemetery have copies of the death certificate?

No. those are issued by the Health Department Registrar.